Thursday, August 14, 2008

Organisers and Partners

Since Contrast 2008 is a jointly-organized event, here is a brief introduction about the various societies and organizations that are joining hands to make this event possible!'

NUS’ Communications and New Media Society
NUS’ Communications and New Media Society is in its 4th-year running and this is the third time the society is organizing the 24-hour nationwide game design competition. Owing to success of “Contrast 2007”, the society has decided to continue holding this event with the help and support from the Communications and New Media Department and various other parties. The department and society will be sourcing for sponsorships, judges, venues to make this event even more successful.

The Communications and New Media Society has decided to organize this event because the society aims to make game design possible for everyone and not just the IT experts. It is to also create awareness for the game design modules the CNM department in NUS offers which would help give students more knowledge and information with regards to that aspect of New Media.

NUS Games Development Group
NUS’ Games Development Group (GDG) is a student interest group that gives aspiring game developers a medium to hone their skills. Students with the same interest and passion for game development get the opportunities to come together to participate in activities that can help build up their game portfolios which would give them an advantage should they decide to seek a career in the gaming industry.

GDG will be handling the licensing and technical aspects of the competition. They will also be conducting workshops prior to “Contrast 2008” for participants to give them a better idea and knowledge about the gaming software they will be using during the competition. This will give all participants at least the basic knowledge required.

International Gamers Developers Association -Singapore Students' Chapter
The International Gamers Developers Association (IGDA) is an organization that is made up of various members from the gaming industry. It provides a platform for the international gaming community to share their knowledge and expertise and in turn improving the gaming industry for all.
IGDA has always worked closely with student and institutions and the Communications and New Media Department of NUS.

For Contrast 2008, they have gladly agreed to allow us to use their website and publication materials to publicise the event. This would definitely aid in the disseminating of information to various other institutions and students who are keen to participate in the competition.

Games Convention Asia
Games Convention Asia (GCA) is the sole platform for electronic game industry in the Asia- Pacific region. It brings together professionals, game developers and people with an interest in gaming and giving them opportunities to enjoy the latest games. It is held annually at Suntec City and this year, it will last from the 18th-19th September.

During this year’s GCA, they have kindly agreed to give us a booth to showcase the games that were created during Contrast 2008. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as participants get to engage with professionals and experts on how to improve their skills and gain a further insight into the gaming industry. This would be an invaluable experience for the participants.

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