Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Winners!

Here are the winning entries for CONTRAST 2008.

Best Overall Game

Solar:24hr by team "Night and Day"

Most Innovative Game

MotherFarmer by team "AHA!"

Most Entertaining Game

Moo Poot by team "Moo Poot"

Most Promising Game

Human Nature by team "Awesome"

Click on the links above to download and play the games. You can also download and play the rest of the entries by going to YoYo Games and searching for "contrast 2008".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Contrast Prize Giving!!!

Hi Contestants!

Here's a reminder that the prize giving ceremony will be held at 2.45pm on the 20th of September, this Saturday, at Games Convention Asia in Suntec City.

We encourage everyone to go if possible, as Saturday is also GCA's Student's day and the panels and talks are targeted to students interested in entering the games industry.

Each team has to send at least one team member to collect the certificates of participation from the team.If you think you will win, we'll need someone to collect the prizes on stage too! ^_^

See you there!
Contrast Team 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

23rd hour

bet all of you guys are really keen to know how the groups are tahan-ing after all that torturous 23 hours!

group 4: justin lye, raymond, jolly & bryan yeo

raymond shares: success is to be metally prepared. (hmmm,serious fella!)

*thinks of food*thinks of food*thinks of food*and sleep*and sleep*and sleep*

talking 'bout food; we have one of our dear contestants bryan yeo complaining a shortage in supply of mee!( sry buddy, act faster the next time around! )

justin lye shares: sleep early before coming for such a competition! (*snickers*) on a more serious note, he added that design is shear tough! What the group thought was gonna be breezy, turned out to be really mind-boggling!

justin was not alone in thinking this way!

Wei Song & Yong Bin from group 10, Mama down said: " we should be more prepared next time, in terms of ideas/design!"

The group consisting of two others, Terence Chow and Aik Siang, further shared that they originally had many back-up plans which they decided to scrap in the end because of a misfit with the themes!

Sorry guys, your so-thought fool-proof plan which could cater to anything/everything, dint work out in the end! :X so much for preparation beforehand! nevertheless, commendable attitudee and efforts! : D

When asked to share his thoughts on the competition so far, Choong Yee, group 9, said: " It is vital that everybody does their part. This is the first time I'm joining such a competition and I have gained many first hand experiences."

Choong Yee is one of many who have shared the fact that it's all their first times! (memorable first time guys! be it first time in joining a game design competition, first time not sleeping for 24 hours, first time having to starve? hmmmm! first times. many (: )

group1: The Bummers

a really united group from what i can see!

the way Elvin was teasing Justin bout him not being able to draw! haha! Camaraderie! niceee! (:

quiet and busying away, we have joei, Junyi and Shaowei.

Grt job guys!

last but not least in this post, we have the really 2 sleepy groups that admit that they are sleepy!

group8: 4 GUYS & A POTATO(who i wonder!) lol.

3 words to sum them all: HUNGRY. SLEEPY. yet SATISFIED (:
wonderful (:

group6: 6C team
sleepy! no more comments-

report card 3

at this point of time, many report cards have since been churned. hard work all of you!

just one more report card we decided to upload:

here it goes! (:

as you can hear from all that laughters, justin and his group, seems pretty proud of the work done so far! (:

good luck to the team! (:

report card 2

check out our hyper group and their really cool " SLAP EM!"

playful as they might seem, i'm pretty impressed at their efficiency! thumbs! (:

report card at 3pm

one of the report cards at 3pm (:

really cool idea stemmed from the theme: dead & alive (:

check this group out!


Finally, the long awaited lunch! mee-goreng! yum! (when you'r hungry, anything goes! heh!)

Going on my rounds once again.

GROUP18: ENTIRE GRP MISSING! boy. they must be hella starving! working too hard for the past 17 odd hours i bet!

Anyway, while a few groups were out of the labs for lunch, many many MANY groups were still working really hard at work!

check out the following!

group 13: yi xin, daniel, munir, jesse, karkin
yixin grumbles!*: not niceee! program not nicee! photoshop better; a prog we are more accustomed too!

group 14: hui ling, fiona, woon seng, gladys
hui ling grumbles!*: softwareee, noo good! photoshop better!
woon seng: v cram, very cold

group 17: gavin, zi tian, andre, joy, li en
joy & gavin grumbles!*: need better chairs!

deduction: as the 24th hour draws nearer, more complaints, more grumbles.
nevertheless, all groups agree that they are coping/surviving well!
gambate guys! (:

Anyway, just two interesting sights:

group 24: Beier, Truman, Jinnong, Xue Ru
Beier & Truman are the ones doing all the work while Jinnong & Xue Ru looks on.
Funny how this group works: 2 work, 2 watch; later swap! niceee.

group 12: paul, xinru, alex, shawn, KC
wow! while all groups were busy at work, only this group had all its members indulging in mee-goreng!
It got me wondering: wow! the only relaxed group! check them out!

"we had been starving! no breakfast! not enough!"
man, so that's the reason. poor guys! go on, eat eat! enjoy (:

before i left lab 2, kian boon caught my eye.
sipping away at his coffee, he told me how welfare he is! and yes, i have to admit that he really cares for his people; turning up and down the temperature of the lab accor to the "too hot! too brrr!" requests from his lab 2 people. truly welfare! salutes*

steps out of freezer/.

Day One, 11.20am

It's about 16 hours into the game now.

Hourly routine:

let's see how the various groups are coping at this very moment.

At the 16th hour:

Tracking group 2, we can see that the group is left with Celeste, Noel & Teck still toggling at the mouse. Poor Alvin catching a snooze: overworked?! : X

Group 5: we have Thanh, the sole warrior fighting hard at his com; while his 3 other team mates; Thi, Dzung, and Khanh, fighting the zzz monster!

Group 6: pretty united group! seen them discussing outside the lab on the themes some 15 hours ago, and they are still going very strong this very moment! All 5 of them: Wang Xun, Evan, Matthias, Weiwen and Risutya! Matthias was even adding how power Evan was, with the straight record of not sleeping the the last 16 hours! (rock on!)

Group 7: self claimed cui group!

why! the cui group has all members awake still! Le Anh, Zhi Wei, Kenny, Ahmad and Raymond!

Cheers to their perseverance!

Others still pressing on as a group include groups 3 and 9!

We have Jenny, Chee Yuan, Keng Chuan & Choong Yee, Shujun, Chong Sheng, Daniel & Qikun respectively.

Day One, 3.17AM

At this unearthly hour, some of the participants are looking visibly strained. It is afterall, no mean feat to be AWAKE plus having to squeeze your brain juices when it is already way past your bedtime.

However, most of the participants are still fairly awake, actively discussing and working on their assigned computers. With just under 16 hours before the game presentation, many are feeling the motivation to keep going.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day One. 9.50PM

Supper has just arrived, in the form of a heavenly smelling pot of curry, steaming fried rice, and awfully tasty fishballs, etc etc. WHAT A SPREAD. :)

As the glorious smell of food wafts around, intensive group discussions break up and participants are starting to file out from the computer labs. A thick crowd is gradually forming around the picnic table.

It's time for a well-deserved break for the participants.

YUM, more updates later!

Day One, 7 PM

Just about 30 minutes to the start of the Contrast Competition!

In the computer labs, some participants are fidgeting in their seats, anxiously waiting for the 24hour competition to kick off. Some are sitting upright in their seats, eyes lit with eager anticipation and intently fixated on the timer. Others have already started fervent discussions about potential game themes that could be given.

Touring all 3 labs, we can see varying degrees of enthusiasm just before the game starts.

Members of group 13 and 14 are currently engaging in serious discussion in lab 2. At the very same time, we have the really play-it-cool dudes like Wayne and Samuel from group 15, having fun at their card game. Even so, we do have the really high and hyper group2-alvin,celeste,lisa,teck,noel, who managed to hype themselves so much even before the game started!
Next, we proceeded to lab 3. WOA. so quiet and serious!!
Checking out group 21: kenneth, Jonathan, YuJia, Kaizer & Shaun.
Kenneth, Jon and YuJia shared with us how inexperienced they were in game design, and how they learned the ropes in mere 2 weeks! Interesting to follow how they'd do in 24 hours time! (:

Right now, there is only ten more minutes remaining. The CNM committee members and helpers are rushing around, making last-minute arrangements and ensuring that everything goes according to plan. The organisers are huddled in a corner, synchronising their watches, to make sure all participants in the three computer labs start and stop at the same time.

Alright, one more minute to go before the timer goes off!

Contrast Final Check

Dear Contrast Participants!

Here is the final check for the competition! Please remember to bring the following items for your competition tomorrow.

1) Thumbdrive, Hard Disk, Storage Devices - To transfer files between your PC, you only need 1

2) Sweater/Sleeping Bag - It can gets really cold at night


1) Earphone, Earpiece, Microphone – If you were to need to incorporate some Audio aspect into your game.

2) Snacks and Drinks – We do provide some snacks and drinks. But you can bring your own. We will have hot water facilities in the building. Bring your caffeine fix if you wish, as well =)

Banned items:

1) Game Maker source codes – for fairness sake =)

2) Printed or digital materials about Game Maker with Game Maker codes in it – Do not worry, Gamemaker help is still available in your PCs

Please be reminded that while you are allowed to bring in images and sound files, do ensure that you have the legal rights to these images and sound files.

And finally, do remember to report at 5.30pm to LT 9 in NUS. The first 100 participants to arrive will receive a bottle of organic coffee power from Bon Café and limited edition biscuit snacks from Bon Japan! =D

Alright! All the best and have a good rest tonight!

Warm regards,
Contrast Team

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Environmental Themes

Dear all Contrast Participants,

As you all already know, you are required to make a game that is tied to an environmental themes.

Here is a non-exhaustive lists of some environmental themes for your perusal!


3 Rs


Oil Crisis

Wildlife Preservation


Natural disasters

Energy Saving

Carbon emission

Over population

Toxic Waste

And please note that you need not restrict your team to the above list. =D

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pre-comp briefing notes

Dear participants,

Thank you for coming for the briefing last Friday.

For those who missed the briefing, please kindly follow the following link to find the document we gave out during the briefing! =)

Pre-comp briefing notes

All the best for your preparations for the upcoming competition!

May the best team wins!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

See you at Contrast workshop tomorrow!

Hi Contrast participants!

We'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the Contrast workshops!

The schedule is as follows:

10am - 1pm Game maker programming workshop at AS6/0215
1pm - 2pm lunch break (at your own expense)
2pm - 4pm Game Design workshop at CNM Playroom
4pm - 7pm Digitizing Art workshop at AS6/0215

Just a point to note:
AS6/0215 is a little small for everyone as it as only 25 computers, so each team will be sharing a computer and wacom tablet for the gamemaker and digitizing art workshop. We will allocate two computers per team if there are extras to go around. ^_^

See you there!
Wei Man
GDG President 2008
i.e. the girl who's in the briefing room first. ^_^

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Registration closed!!!

Dear all!

We thank you all for the wonderful response to the competition.

However we are quickly approaching the maximum capacity that our Labs can accomodate. =)

Registration from now onwards will be placed on the waiting list. We seek your understanding in this matter!!