Saturday, September 13, 2008

23rd hour

bet all of you guys are really keen to know how the groups are tahan-ing after all that torturous 23 hours!

group 4: justin lye, raymond, jolly & bryan yeo

raymond shares: success is to be metally prepared. (hmmm,serious fella!)

*thinks of food*thinks of food*thinks of food*and sleep*and sleep*and sleep*

talking 'bout food; we have one of our dear contestants bryan yeo complaining a shortage in supply of mee!( sry buddy, act faster the next time around! )

justin lye shares: sleep early before coming for such a competition! (*snickers*) on a more serious note, he added that design is shear tough! What the group thought was gonna be breezy, turned out to be really mind-boggling!

justin was not alone in thinking this way!

Wei Song & Yong Bin from group 10, Mama down said: " we should be more prepared next time, in terms of ideas/design!"

The group consisting of two others, Terence Chow and Aik Siang, further shared that they originally had many back-up plans which they decided to scrap in the end because of a misfit with the themes!

Sorry guys, your so-thought fool-proof plan which could cater to anything/everything, dint work out in the end! :X so much for preparation beforehand! nevertheless, commendable attitudee and efforts! : D

When asked to share his thoughts on the competition so far, Choong Yee, group 9, said: " It is vital that everybody does their part. This is the first time I'm joining such a competition and I have gained many first hand experiences."

Choong Yee is one of many who have shared the fact that it's all their first times! (memorable first time guys! be it first time in joining a game design competition, first time not sleeping for 24 hours, first time having to starve? hmmmm! first times. many (: )

group1: The Bummers

a really united group from what i can see!

the way Elvin was teasing Justin bout him not being able to draw! haha! Camaraderie! niceee! (:

quiet and busying away, we have joei, Junyi and Shaowei.

Grt job guys!

last but not least in this post, we have the really 2 sleepy groups that admit that they are sleepy!

group8: 4 GUYS & A POTATO(who i wonder!) lol.

3 words to sum them all: HUNGRY. SLEEPY. yet SATISFIED (:
wonderful (:

group6: 6C team
sleepy! no more comments-

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