Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day One, 11.20am

It's about 16 hours into the game now.

Hourly routine:

let's see how the various groups are coping at this very moment.

At the 16th hour:

Tracking group 2, we can see that the group is left with Celeste, Noel & Teck still toggling at the mouse. Poor Alvin catching a snooze: overworked?! : X

Group 5: we have Thanh, the sole warrior fighting hard at his com; while his 3 other team mates; Thi, Dzung, and Khanh, fighting the zzz monster!

Group 6: pretty united group! seen them discussing outside the lab on the themes some 15 hours ago, and they are still going very strong this very moment! All 5 of them: Wang Xun, Evan, Matthias, Weiwen and Risutya! Matthias was even adding how power Evan was, with the straight record of not sleeping the the last 16 hours! (rock on!)

Group 7: self claimed cui group!

why! the cui group has all members awake still! Le Anh, Zhi Wei, Kenny, Ahmad and Raymond!

Cheers to their perseverance!

Others still pressing on as a group include groups 3 and 9!

We have Jenny, Chee Yuan, Keng Chuan & Choong Yee, Shujun, Chong Sheng, Daniel & Qikun respectively.

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