Friday, September 12, 2008

Day One, 7 PM

Just about 30 minutes to the start of the Contrast Competition!

In the computer labs, some participants are fidgeting in their seats, anxiously waiting for the 24hour competition to kick off. Some are sitting upright in their seats, eyes lit with eager anticipation and intently fixated on the timer. Others have already started fervent discussions about potential game themes that could be given.

Touring all 3 labs, we can see varying degrees of enthusiasm just before the game starts.

Members of group 13 and 14 are currently engaging in serious discussion in lab 2. At the very same time, we have the really play-it-cool dudes like Wayne and Samuel from group 15, having fun at their card game. Even so, we do have the really high and hyper group2-alvin,celeste,lisa,teck,noel, who managed to hype themselves so much even before the game started!
Next, we proceeded to lab 3. WOA. so quiet and serious!!
Checking out group 21: kenneth, Jonathan, YuJia, Kaizer & Shaun.
Kenneth, Jon and YuJia shared with us how inexperienced they were in game design, and how they learned the ropes in mere 2 weeks! Interesting to follow how they'd do in 24 hours time! (:

Right now, there is only ten more minutes remaining. The CNM committee members and helpers are rushing around, making last-minute arrangements and ensuring that everything goes according to plan. The organisers are huddled in a corner, synchronising their watches, to make sure all participants in the three computer labs start and stop at the same time.

Alright, one more minute to go before the timer goes off!

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