Friday, September 12, 2008

Contrast Final Check

Dear Contrast Participants!

Here is the final check for the competition! Please remember to bring the following items for your competition tomorrow.

1) Thumbdrive, Hard Disk, Storage Devices - To transfer files between your PC, you only need 1

2) Sweater/Sleeping Bag - It can gets really cold at night


1) Earphone, Earpiece, Microphone – If you were to need to incorporate some Audio aspect into your game.

2) Snacks and Drinks – We do provide some snacks and drinks. But you can bring your own. We will have hot water facilities in the building. Bring your caffeine fix if you wish, as well =)

Banned items:

1) Game Maker source codes – for fairness sake =)

2) Printed or digital materials about Game Maker with Game Maker codes in it – Do not worry, Gamemaker help is still available in your PCs

Please be reminded that while you are allowed to bring in images and sound files, do ensure that you have the legal rights to these images and sound files.

And finally, do remember to report at 5.30pm to LT 9 in NUS. The first 100 participants to arrive will receive a bottle of organic coffee power from Bon Café and limited edition biscuit snacks from Bon Japan! =D

Alright! All the best and have a good rest tonight!

Warm regards,
Contrast Team

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