Saturday, September 13, 2008


Finally, the long awaited lunch! mee-goreng! yum! (when you'r hungry, anything goes! heh!)

Going on my rounds once again.

GROUP18: ENTIRE GRP MISSING! boy. they must be hella starving! working too hard for the past 17 odd hours i bet!

Anyway, while a few groups were out of the labs for lunch, many many MANY groups were still working really hard at work!

check out the following!

group 13: yi xin, daniel, munir, jesse, karkin
yixin grumbles!*: not niceee! program not nicee! photoshop better; a prog we are more accustomed too!

group 14: hui ling, fiona, woon seng, gladys
hui ling grumbles!*: softwareee, noo good! photoshop better!
woon seng: v cram, very cold

group 17: gavin, zi tian, andre, joy, li en
joy & gavin grumbles!*: need better chairs!

deduction: as the 24th hour draws nearer, more complaints, more grumbles.
nevertheless, all groups agree that they are coping/surviving well!
gambate guys! (:

Anyway, just two interesting sights:

group 24: Beier, Truman, Jinnong, Xue Ru
Beier & Truman are the ones doing all the work while Jinnong & Xue Ru looks on.
Funny how this group works: 2 work, 2 watch; later swap! niceee.

group 12: paul, xinru, alex, shawn, KC
wow! while all groups were busy at work, only this group had all its members indulging in mee-goreng!
It got me wondering: wow! the only relaxed group! check them out!

"we had been starving! no breakfast! not enough!"
man, so that's the reason. poor guys! go on, eat eat! enjoy (:

before i left lab 2, kian boon caught my eye.
sipping away at his coffee, he told me how welfare he is! and yes, i have to admit that he really cares for his people; turning up and down the temperature of the lab accor to the "too hot! too brrr!" requests from his lab 2 people. truly welfare! salutes*

steps out of freezer/.

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