Friday, September 5, 2008

See you at Contrast workshop tomorrow!

Hi Contrast participants!

We'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the Contrast workshops!

The schedule is as follows:

10am - 1pm Game maker programming workshop at AS6/0215
1pm - 2pm lunch break (at your own expense)
2pm - 4pm Game Design workshop at CNM Playroom
4pm - 7pm Digitizing Art workshop at AS6/0215

Just a point to note:
AS6/0215 is a little small for everyone as it as only 25 computers, so each team will be sharing a computer and wacom tablet for the gamemaker and digitizing art workshop. We will allocate two computers per team if there are extras to go around. ^_^

See you there!
Wei Man
GDG President 2008
i.e. the girl who's in the briefing room first. ^_^

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alex said...

For those who attended the game design workshop, you can get the slides here: